About BioInq

"...where there is error, may we bring truth...” 

elping life-sciences companies 
to organize and utilize all their scientific data
by integration and optimization of laboratory data-management systems

Data-management systems can boost the efficiency and success of research and development processes in a life-sciences organization. To maximize this potential, the introduction, expansion or addition of such system should be carefully planned and divided up in clearly defined steps like selection, embedding, preparation, implementation and optimization, allowing the organization to proceed to a next step with maximum confidence.
BioInq consultancy provides the knowledge, experience and guidance to build this confidence.

Driven by deep domain knowledge, BioInq consultancy accompanies scientific and technical employees within the organization to discuss, agree, apply and align the best scientific principles and technical solutions towards meeting the client's objectives within given time lines. Commitment of employees and the integrated approach of science and technology are key to successful deployment of a scientific data-management system.

The pearl in BioInq's logo expresses that in everyday laboratory work smart, open and valuable scientific or technical principles can often be identified and applied that could make a difference to the result of the work as a whole. 
One such pearl is here.